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Avoiding Post-Tooth Extraction Problems

Avoiding Post-Tooth Extraction Problems

We should always take tooth extraction aftercare seriously. Because this dental procedure may involve the removal of tooth roots, causing slight trauma to the surrounding tissues, post-surgery instructions are usually printed and handed over to patients for their guidance and safety. These instructions help patients avoid postoperative complications like pain and infection.

One common complication that can occur after a tooth extraction is the painful dental condition called dry socket. This happens when a permanent tooth is extracted, and proper aftercare is not followed. Dry sockets occur when the needed blood clots at the extraction site fail to develop or dislodge themselves before the wound is healed. Symptoms are mainly increased pain and odor in the mouth. They begin a few days after surgery and get significantly worse over time. The pain usually feels like it covers the whole side of your mouth or face, negating the presence of a simple toothache.

Avoiding postoperative complications, such as dry sockets, can always be attained. Our dental office in Texas recommend the following don’ts after you have your tooth extracted:

  • Don’t smoke for at least 48 hours after tooth extraction.
  • Don’t eat solids immediately after.
  • Don’t skip your medication. Avoid aspirin as this can delay clot formation.
  • Don’t sip or suck on anything as this can dislodge the formed clot.
  • Don’t drink hot beverages and avoid spicy foods.

These tips are very important for proper clot formation, helping you avoid dry sockets. It’s also crucial to stop poking into the gap or empty socket, especially when you brush your teeth. Continue observing dental hygiene to avoid cavities.

For safe dental procedures, choose Shiny Smile Studio! Our dentist in Azle, Texas, can help you with proper post-extraction practices.

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